A Blockchain based protocol to increase functionality in the transport space for everyone.

TransFi is a blockchain based Protocol which enables its users and businesses to enjoy a fair and efficient transport ecosystem. It is a Blockchain based protocol that grants users efficient access and tools to support transport services on a global scale. TransFi is built to solve challenges, granting full access and control to everyone on the global ecosystem.


The Beginning of The TransFi Protocol and it's Ecosystem

Adopting Blockchain technology to improve transportation and logistic services, providing business linkages in the transport ecosystem with less risk, real-time transparency between customers and transportation vendors across the globe. Finally, a platform to make direct payments transportation services, providing higher profit for vendors and lower cost for customers. There are also no exchange fees and you enjoy direct access to diverse transportation services and offers around the world.

Utilizing TransFi Applications in Real Life Scenarios.

With the introduction of the Proof of Location (POL) and Proof of verification (POV), TransFi network is set to apply these models to solve real-time issues currently being faced within the centralized system of the transport network through improvement in autonomous tracking, supply management, and payment protocols. TransFi will lead the new industry standard worldwide

Autonomous Tracking

Improved location verification for transport networks across the globe.

Scalable Payment Solutions

Fast, easy and reliable payment protocols offering simple solutions for transportation fees.

Supply Chain

Product tracking and verifying location of product at every point from service providers to users.

Token Info

The TransFi token is the native utility token of the TransFi platform and ecosystem. It would be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and fully comply with BEP20 standards.


Token Name

TransFi Token

Token Type


Total Supply

100,000,000 TFI



Tokenomics Distribution

The Numbers Behind Our Token

Platform (10%)

Seed, Private and Public Sale (25%)

Team, Advisors and Development (15%)

Marketing and Partnership (20%)

Airdrop/community Bounty (5%)

Liquidity and exchange (25%)

Public Sale Countdown






We're as borderless as our payments.

We proudly facilitate faster growth for global companies powered by Blockchain. TransFi is designed to eliminate the problems transport companies face with payment service providers through the introduction of decentralized method of payment (TransFi). This seamless payment system is built on the Binance Smart-Chain and it is accessible to all, thus making payments for transport services accessible to both transportation vendors and customers.

Partnering with over 180+ Countries around the Globe

In our quest to improve the efficiency of settlement between stakeholders across the transport system supply chain, we are establishing negotiations with businesses in 180+ countries across different industries and we support more than 30 currencies worldwide (+90% of world's GDP)

The real question should be

Why Not TransFi?

Our priority is providing effective solutions for the fast and reliable payment of transport services and also using Blockchain technology to smoothen the supply chain between stakeholders of the transport sector.

Faster and easy payments

Making payments with TransFi tokens means cutting out redundant costs during the transaction process, leading to low fees and near instant transactions. TransFi will begin operating under BSC network and AVAX network to achieve this.

Secure and Trackable transactions

Payments are secured with the introduction of end-to-end transactions (P2P) and are stored on the blockchain network. Transactions and products are trackable which creates assurance on safety of money and goods.

Reduced Market Volatility

TransFi is a payment option to cover all freight transactions meaning market volatility and decisions are determined by the users of the token. Price increase and decrease is determined by users of TransFi services.

TransFi Roadmap

A guide to Token timeline and milestones

Seamless Payments on Transport Sytems and Products with our Smart Contract. No third-Party Involved.

TransFi Smart Contract saves money for your business, cutting out unnecessary fees from exchange services and middle men, fast tracking your transcations while ensuring secured payment gateway across several transport services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you've got questions, here is a list of
answers we have prepared for you.

A blockchain based protocol to increase functionality in the transport space for everyone,Built to solve challenges, granting full access and control to everyone on the ecosystem .
TransFi is a blockchain based Protocol which enables its users and businesses enjoy a fair and efficient transport ecosystem
TransFi is a blockchain based protocol that grants users access and control to transport services globally.
It is a payment Protocol- P2P, P2B that enables users pay with any crypto for their transport service covering Logistics, booking etc
Proof of verification consensus- to improve on the security
Proof of location consensus - GPS tracking model powered by blockchain to solve issues ranging from supply chain, accurate gps models etc
The friendly TransFi ecosystem project that will allow admin, users validators and developers interact to solve the problems faced in the centralized system Over the years.
We are building an ecosystem that will introduce various projects into the community. These projects will cause an exponential increase in demand and in price of TransFi native tokens.
TransFi project is a community driven project, users and admins have a role to play in TransFi consensus.

Devs will be doxxed, our smart contracts will be vetted and audited by external bodies and experts.

TransFi is building its team across the globe which will give a proper guide on where to start its solutions and applications. TransFi is looking to solve global problems, the primary target based on region will be on a global scale.

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